High Paying Jobs With No Experience

Having no experience in working may make you a little bit pessimistic about applying a job. Actually, you do not need to be afraid. It is because there are a number of jobs which are actually no need experience but high salary. What are they? We will describe it in the next paragraph.

You may think that it is impossible to get a job with no experience but you want to get high salary. Well, actually you can find it and these are some of the jobs that you can try to apply.

  •  Web Developer

A web developer has a task to create and design websites. You will have to require to create the look and feel of the website and also develop the content. A web developer can earn about $119,550 a year. Web developers who work in states like New York, California, Georgia and Virginia make the most money. To be able to work as a web developer, you need a basic knowledge of programming and graphic design.

  • Power Plant Operator

The task of power plant operator is controlling, operating and maintaining machinery to help with generation of electric power. A power plant operator can earn $101,590. The power plan operators who work in New York, New Jersey, Montana, North Carolina and California usually earn the most.To be able to work in this position, usually the required education is  high diploma or equivalent.

  • Radiation Therapist

A radiation therapist has a task to provide radiation therapy to patients. They can also review prescriptions and the diagnosis of patients, prepare equipment and also maintain records. They are able to earn until $123,710 a year. Radiation therapists in Oregon, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Florida can earn the most. To be able to work as a radiation therapist, you need to have minimum of an associate’s degree in radiation therapy. Sometimes, you also need to get a license or certification.

  • Air Traffic Controllers

The task of air traffic controller is to manage the movement of air traffic. They also regulate, authorize, and control commercial airlines flights. In a year, they are able to earn until $172,000. Air traffic controllers who earn the most are those who work in New York, Colorado, Texas, and Georgia.

  • Elevator Installer

Elevator installers and repairers have a responsibility to install, repair and maintain elevators, escalators, and other lifting equipment. They are able to earn until $114,980 a year and they can earn the most if the work in New York, Connecticut and California.

  • Claims Adjuster

The task of this position is to manage claims for the loss of property, property damage and personal injury. They also can investigate claims, help with settlement negotiations and decide whether a claim will be approved or not. They can earn until $95,760 a year. Those who work in Oregon, California, New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Colorado can earn the most.

So, is there any job that you want to apply from those options? If you do not have any work experience because you are a fresh graduate, you are able to try to apply to these jobs.

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