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Online Job Application for H&M Jobs

H & M is very popular fashion retail. The company also has a very exotic location, competitive salary, and has a professional environment. For applicants who want to get a job at this company must fill out an online registration form. H & M provides part-time and full-time jobs for a variety of positions such as customer service, designer, administration, and distribution.

Positions and Salaries

H & M is looking for a new worker with a minimum age of 16 years old as well as providing career training about 25 hours per week. The first position that they offer is a sales advisor. In general, the responsibility that is given of this position is the cash register operations, customer service, and assist in the sale. Prospective employees will work at the position must have good interpersonal skills and have the ability to work as a team. The salary to be received by a sales advisor is $ 12.00 or $ 13.00 per hour.

The second position is a visual merchandising. In this position, the employee will have the responsibility to create and design a product display. In addition, they also have to set up and install clothes on a mannequin. Overall, it requires creativity. The salary that will be given for this position is $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 per year.

In addition to those positions above, the last position being offered is on the management. In carrying out the tasks, the employee is required to regulate the administration, setting work schedules for employees, hiring and training new employees. Salary will be accepted at this position is $ 35,000 and $ 45,000 per year. For assistant manager, they will be given a salary of more than $ 55,000 per year.

The Advantage of Working at H & M

The advantages of working at H & M are the training, salaries, and insurance. Employees also will receive a discount price of goods sold in this company and can access the programs in career development. Employees who meet the requirements will enjoy the maximum benefits such as employee assistance programs and financial planning advice. H & M also will provide protection in the form of life insurance, pension costs, and bonuses. There are still a lot of bonuses that will be given by H & M for employees who excel and have a good quality of work. You can directly access the websites H & M to obtain more complete information about the jobs that will be given to you.

Minimum age to work at H&M: 16

Official Site: http://career.hm.com/content/hmcareer/en_ca.html

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