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Working in retail industry is a good prospect in the future. You can consider applying a job in retail industry if you are a job seeker. One of famous stores in retail industry is Holt Renfrew and they are ready to accept talented and passionate people to work with their team. If you want to take this chance, you can just start to join Holt Renfrew Application program. There are several job opportunities you can get especially if you are a Canadian. Interestingly, you are able to send your application letter if you love to follow the latest fashion trend. Specifically, you can just apply a position as sales associate at Holt Renfrew. It is important for you to love the latest trend because you will be worked with products for men, women, footwear, lingerie, and accessories. It is a good opportunity if you want to get more income around $12.00 up to $15.00 per hour.

Sometimes, you think that serving customers is fun and challenging. If it is so, you can just send your application letter for concierge. By doing this job, you are responsible to make sure that customers are getting what their need. Moreover, you also need to communicate new products or services directly to the customers. It seems that you have to be a friendly employee if you want to be a successful customer service at Holt Renfrew. This is also a different type of job you can apply if you want to earn around $12.00 up to $15.00 per hour. If you want some more, you can also try to apply as merchandiser. The job desk of this position is to make sure that the products in the store is tidy and in sufficient stock so customers can get it easily. At the same time, you also need to restock the product if the store is running out of stock. The interesting part is that you will be paid a little bit higher than the other retail stores. In specific, you will get around $14.00 up to $18.00 per hour as a merchandiser.

Do you have specific working experience or skill in retail industry? If it is so, you can try to apply higher position at Holt Renfrew. Because of your profile, you are able to be a manager. Of course, the tasks of this position are hard to do and it needs to be done by a person who has high level of responsibility. It is a common thing if you can earn more income than any other position. The salary of this position is around $40.000 up to $70.000 per year. Just click the link below to submit your application letter.

Minimum age to work at Holt Renfrew: 18

Official Site: www.holtrenfrew.com/en/holt/twocolumn/footer/about-holt/careers/job-search

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