Hotel Front Office Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

When people find a job vacancy, cover letter is usually the most underrated part of the whole application process. Some people think that the most important parts are only education, resume and experience. Another reason of why people underrate cover letter is because they do not know the function of cover letter.

Cover letter is a document that you have to send together with your CV. Cover letter is a place where you are able to help sell your application and to convince a recruiter that you are the right person for the offered position. Cover letter allows you to highlight certain areas you think would make you right for the offered position. There are several things that you have to include on your cover letter including your personal details, the hiring manager’s name if you have it, where you found the job vacancy, what you can do for the company, why you are suitable for the job and closing statements which include thanking the recruiter for their time.

After you know the structure of the letter, then you are confused how to formulate your sentence in every paragraph. In the part of salutation, you are able to say “Dear Mr…”. So, make sure that you know the name of hiring manager. If you do not know, you are able to simply use “Dear Hiring Manager”, “Dear Recruiting Manager” and other similar forms. Then, in the first paragraph, you have to tell about your interest to the job vacancy, what position you apply for and where you found the job for example, “I am writing this letter to express my interest in the Hotel Front Desk Supervisor position at the Hilton Downtown that you advertised.” You can add sentences to tell your education, skills and experience in summary form. In the second paragraph, you are able to start telling about your experience. When you tell your experience, make sure that you tell it with the responsibilities that you did. Here is the example.

My work at the Adolphus Hotel has allowed me to garner exceptional leadership abilities in managing front desk personnel. When there is a problem, I use problem-solving abilities to provide quick resolution to ensure guest satisfaction.

In that part, you also have to tell about your best skills such as computer skills and any other skills that can support you to be a hotel front office supervisor.

When you make a cover letter, make sure that you avoid some important things. First, Do not use anything generic such as using “To Whom It May Concern” in the salutation. It is better if you try to find the name of the person who you are planning to send this letter. Second, do not start your letter with “I saw your advertisement in Seek”. You have to make sure that your first line catch the attention of the recruiters immediately. Third, do not summarize your resume in the covering letter. You have to remember that it is not what your cover letter for.

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