Hotel Front Office Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Making the interview questionnaire is not easy. Some employers can spend days, sometime weeks to determine what kind of questions to ask and how to measure the interview on particular standards. The process of it all can be a waste if the interviewer has the “bad luck” to interview one ordinary candidate after another. Some of the employers always make sure to make the process of the interview not easy. In this case, the candidate should practice a lot.

When you are about to have an interview, be sure that you prepare well in advance. Remember to not to let the process go to waste as this waste of time and resources will also affect you. in order to see what kind of questions that you may be asked for the hotel front office supervisor position, here is the reference for you.

The first question that may appear is why does the hotel need the services of the supervisor at the front desk. A thing called the front desk of any hospitality service or facility projects the positive or negative image of the company or organization. In order to make sure that all is under control and is happening according to protocol and standards, the front office supervisor is important to place there.

The second one is about what have been your certain duties while working as the hotel front office supervisor in the past. Upon hearing this question, you can try to answer that as the hotel front office supervisor, you have been responsible for making sure that the tier-1 service are provided well. this one includes overseeing guest relation officers to make sure that they greet guests with protocol, and that every reservation is properly managed. As addition, you can say that your responsibilities include making sure that the check in and check out procedures are handled with precision and promptness, and any complaints are serviced immediately.

The third question that may be asked is related to the skills that you possess which makes you the excellent hotel front office supervisor. In order to answer this question, you can state that you are the extremely organized individual with the solid track record of making sure guest satisfaction at all times. Furthermore, you can say that you possess the great insight into handling front desk operations, including reservations, check ins and check outs, and making sure that all payment procedures are carried out effectively. Aside from that, you can add that you are well-versed in managing problems and complains to making sure repeat business opportunities.

Another question that may appear is your thought about yourself. Usually, the interviewer will ask you where do you rate yourself as far as industry knowledge is concerned (on the scale of 1 to 10). This is such a rap question. You are recommended to answer 7. While you are knowledgeable about most of how the hospitality industry runs, there is always something new to learn.

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