Hotel Front Office Supervisor Job Description

There are some many job vacancies that you can find in the internet or newspaper. So, what kind of job that you want to apply? Whatever job that you want to apply, make sure that you have to know the job description of the job. It is because you need to relate the job with your skills, experience and also education that you have.

By knowing the job description, you will also have an imagination what you are doing. Now, we are going to explain about the job description of a hotel front office supervisor.

What are they? Here they are.

  • A hotel front office supervisor need to ensure outstanding customer care at all times.
  • A hotel front office supervisor have to maintain a demeanour which is friendly, cheerful and courteous at all times.
  • A hotel front office supervisor need to be able to respond to telephone and in-person inquiries regarding reservations, hotel information and guest concerns.
  • Being able to answer inquiries courteously and accurately from potential guests and accepts hotel reservations.
  • Being able to train, direct the work of, resolve issues/ problems and also coach and counsel the members of front desk team and it is done to make sure a quality operation.
  • A hotel front office supervisor will have to supervise daily shift process to make sure that all team members adhere to standard operating procedures.
  • Being able to use suggestive selling techniques to sell room nights and increase occupancy and revenue.
  • Being able to allocate rooms to expected arrivals after checking the guests preferences and special guests.
  • Being able to build strong relationship and also liaise with all other department’s particularly reservations, housekeeping and other parts.
  • A hotel front office supervisor need to be able to resolve customer issues, problem, complaints in a quick and efficient manner to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and quality service.
  • Being able to control cash transactions at the front desk and maintain complete responsibility for personal bank as specified by hotel bank agreement policy.
  • Being able to operate the EPBX equipment and it includes assisting incoming and outgoing calls, setting wake-up calls, enabling DND (Do Not Disturb) and paging for in-house guests.
  • A hotel front office supervisor need to be able to ensure that front office log book and hotel log book is always updated and actioned upon.
  • Being able to guarantee safety by following guest check in and security procedures and also reporting suspicious activity to security, manager or MOD.
  • Being able to take responsibilities in the absence of the Duty Manager or Front Office Manager.
  • Being able to help all departments in servicing the guests during high volume periods.
  • Being able to participate in hotel committees and task force assignments.

Now, after you know the job duties and responsibilities of a hotel front office supervisor, you are able to imagine what you are doing. If you are sure that you can be a good supervisor of hotel front office, then you are able to apply for the job now.

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