Housekeeping Resume Template

Housekeeping service is quite demanded today and it is one of fulfilling way to earn for living cost when it is done as part time job or full time, depend on the boss. A lot of men and women take job for chain of hotel, encourage them of a solid work with big company they can rely on for regular money to earn as income in which they can do the duties and are dependable staffs.

HINT: The wrong style of resume you are using can just ruin your opportunity to get hired in position related to as housekeeping service.

From these resume styles below, guess which one will get you hired to fill the position in housekeeping service fast.

A. Chronological resume format

B. Functional resume format

C. Active resume format

SUGGESTION: Don’t ruin your chance of being called for interview or get hired by choosing the wrong resume format as what 95% job applicants have done.

If you have experience related to this service, even just little, make sure to not leave it behind. Mention when and where you have worked before and how you work as the member of a team of housekeeping give contribution in the progress and improvement of the organization. The clearer details you provide the higher chance to be noticed and employed by the hiring manager.

H. Clampton

Apt. E, 986 Grossmont St.

Plainfield, California 999xx

Home: (33x) 333-33xx

Cell: (33x) 123-xxxx


Have five years experience in housekeeping matter for remarkable chain of national motel positioned as room maid and promoted as manager of housekeeping for two years before relocated from the state. Look for new housekeeping position for hotel, inn or motel located in Southern CA.


National Motel Chain of Sleep-Tite from 2006 to 2013

  • Cleaned and made rooms and replaced linens
  • Replaced personal stuffs such as shower products, body lotion and many more
  • Oversaw employee dealing with interview, hiring and training for new staffs
  • Caught up with motel management to review and discuss daily activities
  • Took part for fresh ideas for upgrading rooms and adding more motel services


High School of Any City in Any City, United States of America in 2006


National Motel Chain of Sleep-Tite: Household Management Star of the Month in 2012

The crowd of job seekers is getting tight in competition; accordingly how to definitely stand out is the essential thing to understand.

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