How do you manage the heavy workload?

A typical interview question to discover how you manage your work is “Describe your current workload that is so heavy and how you handled it.”

Then, you can briefly describe your experience in dealing with the workload and targets. Do not forget to give emphasis on the solution that you are doing to overcome these problems. For example:

  • When I worked at the X factory, we are faced with a sudden increase of orders for spare parts of motorcycles. This is for new customers. I immediately discussed with the production supervisor, supply manager, and the unions. We were able to arrange a plan that can be implemented by maximizing the cost per hour, the availability of guaranteed materials, and with just a little adjustment, we were able to meet the production deadlines. It was very challenging and taking long working hours and the result is a signed contract with a new customer.
  • When I was working on a software implementation team at ABC Company, we have taken over another company and have transitioned many clients to a new product in a short time. It took a lot of planning, time, hard work, and effort, but we were able to complete the project on time.

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