How many people have you supervised?

Explicitly, this question is clearly wanted to know your experience in organizational leadership. For those who have good experience on the leadership of course this question is a “gastric feeding” that can soon be gone smash but for some people who lack experience of leadership even do not have it all will be a bit of an obstacle. However, you do not have to be worried; I have set up some alternative answers that you can use:

  • I love challenges and something new. Although I have never supervised people but I am ready to do so.
  • Between [specify number] to [state number], depending on the size of the project.
  • Outside of the workplace, I often have the responsibility of taking care of a lot of people [give appropriate examples of your leadership experience].
  • There are a [state number] people under my supervision in my workplace in the past or present.
  • I have experience of supervising a small team of administration and production.

How many people have you supervised? | James | 4.5