How to Write a Corporate Communications CV

Corporate Communications Department has an essential role in managing perceptions about an organization. You probably never notice this, but there are many works integrated at one place. It reflects the company’s culture, philosophy, identity, citizenship and place in the marketplace. Various projects are involved, requiring a number of employees with relevant positions. In corporate communications, you will see different responsibilities related to public relations, crisis management with the news media, building the company brand, special event planning, and employee recruitment and communicating with stockholders, clients or donors. All of them are about managing and orchestrating internal and external communications.

Corporate communications have different activities compared to other sales and marketing departments in promoting the company. They do not use any product or service. There are three basic clusters of task in this department, including management communications, marketing communications and organizational communications. Here are also some responsibilities of corporate communications:

  • To flesh out the profile of company behind the brand or corporate branding
  • To minimize discrepancies between company’s desired identity and brand features
  • To delegate tasks in communication
  • To formulate and execute effective procedures to make decisions on communication matters
  • To mobilize internal and external support for corporate objectives
  • To coordinate with international business firms

To do all those responsibilities, a company usually has a group of professionals for communicating with different audiences, like internal communications, investor relations, marketing communications, government relations and public relations.

Corporate communication job is often said as the competitive type of public relations. Since it is one of most wanted positions, it is important to maximize your chance to get the job. Your application letter, resume and CV must be written perfectly to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips how to write the stand out Curriculum Vitae:

  • Remember that your CV is an essential sales tool. In writing this application document, make it simple, clean and punchy. There is no need to use jargon or even any reasons that make the employer have negative assumption about you. You should maximize the readability by separating different sections and inserting clear section headings. Use bullet pointing instead of writing the details in long paragraphs. Make it eye caching and uncluttered. Importantly, you must check the vigilantly for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Be persuasive in writing for Professional Profile and Objective sections without being hyperbole. Summarize and emphasize your key attributes and your intended future career path seamlessly.
  • Including the achievements will add the power of your CV. Utilize the available space to highlight where you have excelled. You can highlight the examples in later sections.
  • Your CV must be informative but still concise. Generally, two pages of A4 sized paper is the maximum. Employers won’t waste the time to read irrelevant details.
  • Many people write for a CV to suit any position. To make yours stand out, it is highly recommended to tailor or target your CV to the specific vacancy you are applying for. It is because every job and organization is different.

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