Information Services Manager Resume Sample

The example of resume to apply for Information Services Manager position below spots the fact the chance has decisive level as an Information Services Manager.

Count on the applicant’s position is applying for requirements this specific kind of experience, referring it in the resume is a large benefit. The main point: no matter what the position that will be applied for, provide the experience pointed in the resume to refer the specific requirements of the employer.

The guideline of resume below can be considered.

ALERT: wrong decision making referring to the style of resume can destroy the job search for the Information Services Manager position.


There are three style options of resume, which one to opt out so the applicant will be considered and get hired quickly?

  1. Chronological style resume

  2. Functional style resume

  3. Active style resume

The fact that can be used as clue, 95% job seekers that expect position as Information Services Manager chooses the wrong resume style. If you are correctly choose the option, it is larger in possibility for you to get better opportunities for being noticed and possibly hired rather than anyone else and also likely to beat out other applicants that maybe have more experience than you.

Janet Hanson

789 Farmers Lane

Big Town, USA 99999

Home: (222) 222-2222

Cell: (222) 222-3333


Qualification Summary

Four years experiences as Information Services Manager, at present, searching for new position opportunity to apply her ability of handling information, maintaining communication, and assembling applicable research data aimed circulation among clients and for public.

Work Experience and Related Achievements

Lake Margaret County Park and Recreation Center, Any City, USA (2009-2013)

  • Introduced the park’s many joys to surroundings and friends, and introduced new visitors to the area.
  • Managed family times that involve on-site and digital tours, educations, games, and hikes.
  • Hired staffs to monitor the souvenir shop.
  • Designed and created the text for advertising brochures.

Education and Progress

Big City University, USA, B.A. Communication Arts

Big City University Alumnae Association: Submitted a design for an alumnae website


Businesswomen of USA: Outstanding Member of the Year in 2010

Today, the crowd of job seekers has enlarged therefore how to definitely stand out is very important to know. Making a right decision to choose the correct resume will the chance that you will be hired by the employer. The resume will be the consideration and the reason why the employer must hire you over other applicants even that is more experienced than you.  To educate and give more information toward all job seekers around the worlds with wide arrays of special job seeking tricks, tactics and tips in order to be hired and lead to more interviews and offers.

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