Interior Design Resume Sample

A focus, well formatted resume with matching qualification as what hiring managers are looking for is the key to get the job. This kind of resume will draw attention and bring the candidate in front of the door of the interviewer.

GUIDANCE: the job search will end when the applicant bring wrong format of resume. For job seekers who want to fill a position as an interior designer, doing this mistake means you have to say goodbye for this position.

If there are three styles of resume, which one will opt out in order the employer will consider you to get hired?

A. Chronological format of resume

B. Functional format of resume

C. Active format of resume

CLUE: when applying a job, nine from ten applicants brings the wrong format of resume. Whereas when the correct resume is opted out, not only higher possibility of you to be noticed and for better, get hired but also you can eliminate other.

Thus, enclose your pertinent achievements, education background and certification, if any. Those will prove that you are qualified and potential candidate. Being more specific is beneficial since it enhances the opportunity to get the desired job. This following sample, can be a guidance before writing your own.

Jane Redman
76 Collins Rd
Pleasanton, California 99xxx

Home: (33x) 333-333x
Cell: (33x) 123-45xx


An interior designer with experienced and licensed as member of ISID searching for new position in the area of East Coast. Have excellent skill in client services, creative to deliver innovative ideas into designs that boost the safety and function with consideration about value of aesthetical of the interior within budget as stated by clients.


Exquisite Company of Interiors from 2007 to 2014

  • Dealt with hues, texture, lighting, furniture and space control
  • Sketched for either private or public facilities and spaces including malls, residences, schools and offices
  • Oversaw new hired designers
  • Taught classes subjected about interior at local school
  • Caught up with customers to define the necessity and selection


Any City College, California majored in interior design in 2006

Interior Design National Council License examination in 2007


Interior Designers of USA: Exceptional Member of the Year awarded in 2010

Exquisite Company of Interiors: Designer of the Year in 2011

Writing well in format and choosing correct resume style in job application is beneficial in making bigger chance for you to be considered and invited for interview.

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