Internship Cover Letter Sample

Internship cover letter is understood as a means of introduction used mainly by those interested in applying any position available in a company. Basically, it is a perfect tool to help you in presenting yourself as a perfect candidate to fill in a particular position in a company. Using a cover letter, you can introduce your educational background and any relevant experience in short letter contains of usually three paragraphs. If you plan an internship, a cover letter may not be required, but it is an appropriate solution to show employer that you are very serious about applying a temporary job at a particular company you choose.

You don’t have to describe relevant experience through a cover letter for internship. On the contrary, it would be enough for you to describe other points as desire to work or your educational background. Note that you have to demonstrate your interest and sincerity in the chosen industry. So, a cover letter is easy to write, but here we would like to show you an example of cover letter. Hopefully you can write something that is good strong, the one that is able to represent yourself in perfect manner. Should we start?

Cover letter internship must be written in three paragraphs. The first paragraph describes your background and why you are sending the letter. The second paragraph is a short explanation about the educational background and working experience (if any). The third paragraph is closing. The following paragraph would like to show you an example of cover letter – note that you can modify the following example in accordance to your need:

Michael Abundant
21st Street
Texas City, Texas, 56019

October 5, 2013

Mr. Joko Lelono
HRD Manager
Computer Solution, Inc.
22nd baking street
Texas City, Texas, 56060

Dear Mr. Lelono

I am student seeking an accountant internship. I had learned all about your firm from your ad in Texas Daily. I am currently a 5th semester student at the University of Texas, who specializes in business administration with a major in accounting. I am very interested in internship opportunities that you offer and intend to join your team. Here I will briefly describe the accounting knowledge I posses and how it may help you later.

As one vice president for the University of Texas Accountants Club, I have been able to archive the traffic of expenditure and revenue associated with tax expenditures, incentives, and various things related to accounting. The club is part of the Student Senate Board. I was able to perform accounting calculations ranging from simple to complex environments, and I have developed the ability to find the most effective method of accounting. Based on the experience and capabilities, I am now looking for opportunities to develop my skills by looking for best off-campus experience. In essence I am looking for an opportunity to study further in the field of accounting by joining Computer Solution Inc. as interns. I could start around June.

Together with this letter I enclose curriculum vitae and look forward to the future where I and you can meet in person to discuss how I can contribute to your team.

Thank you for your willingness to read this letter.

Yours Sincerely,
Michael Abundant

What you have read through above paragraph was just a, you can modify at will, if it is not appropriate to your field. You may provide different cover letter in case you are about to apply for different positions. Within a cover letter, you must incorporate some information such as a specific position you want to apply, skills you posses, and some experience in the field. Remember that you have to write a good cover letter, so this could tempt employers so that they’ll accept you as apprentices. More importantly, a well-written cover letter will tempt employers to open resumes that are included in the envelope. Basically, when you got a very bad cover letter, the employer would not take time to read your application and your resume. Your letter has a good chance of ending up not legible and will be in the trash. Tips: first impression is important, so you have to make strong, polite language which is going to show your respect for employers. Internships may not be that important, but if you want to get off-campus experience, of course, this being a source of interesting experiences.

Some advanced tips on cover letter will be given below.

  1. Be sure to use global font, uses both in your resume and your letter. When writing cover letter, don’t write the one that have more than one-page in length. Cover letter should be enough when it has 3-4 paragraphs within. Basically, cover letter should be appealing, easy-to-read, and neat.
  2. Cover letter that has a specific target, i.e. human resources manager, should have a plus. It is likely to be received and read by employers. So you don’t have to put sentences like “To whom it may concern”; be specific with’ to whom the letter is intended’ by mentioning name and position. However, it is allowed to use some sentences like “to whom it may concern”, or ‘dear human resources director” as long as you don’t have a specific name in mind.
  3. You should make sure two addresses written at the top of cover letter. One belongs to employers name, position, and address; the other to you. This is an example of traditional business format for cover letter. In addition to both, you must include ZIP code, state, city, and street address. You also need to incorporate the current date between your address and targeted address of the company to which you are going to send the letter.
  4. Use spells check, do proofread your cover letter, keep your letter brief, and professional language is a must.

So eventually write a cover letter is easy. You don’t have to spend a few hours just to write a single letter. As long as you already got the key, everything should be smoother for you. You can also read internship cover letter examples we have tagged through above paragraph.

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