Jack’s Family Restaurant Application Online – Print Job Employment Form

Jack’s Family Restaurant or Jack’s is a quick service restaurant that ideal for job seekers. The restaurants are available across the multiple Southeastern states. Entry level job and management career also available on the restaurant chain.

The Facts about Jack’s Family Restaurant

Applicants should be at least 16 years old. Jack’s Family Restaurant operation time is varied depend on the location too. Commonly, the available positions are including cashier, cook, team member, dishwasher, restaurant manager and assistant manager. Printable application is not available yet. But if you want, you can find out more in the official website.

Job Opportunities at Jack’s Family Restaurant

Entry level jobs are available online. Candidates can submit hiring form online to be a crew member or cashier. Its products just like the other fast food restaurant. Chicken, burger and fries are primarily served to the customers. Jack’s Family Restaurant also has extensive training program that allows job seekers to get entry level positions without any work experience.

Positions and Salary Information at Jack’s Family Restaurant

Entry level employees may take advantages from the flexible schedule. But for the full time job, you might be interested with managerial position. Salary is also depending on the position.

Cashiers work to collect payment, handle special orders and distribute food orders. Basic math skill is necessary to apply this position. Beside it, they must be able to operate a computerized cash register and has the good interpersonal skills. Cashiers can make $8 per hour.

Crew member responsible to handle food and cook the menus. They work in the kitchen. Operating grills, fryers and packaging the food are their responsibilities. Beside it, they must be able to work as a team to make the high standard of hygiene, cleanliness and food safety. Typically, crew member can make $8 up to $9 per hour.

Management consist of general manager and assistant manager. Their responsibilities it to ensure the business operation and make it profitable. Hiring workers, training the new employees and maintaining the productivity are becoming their responsibilities as well. Experience is needed here. Assistant managers can make $25,000 per year. And for general managers, they can make $35,000 up to $40,000 per year.


Flexible work schedule, on job training and weekly pay can be enjoyed by all associates. Workers also have a chance for taking professional advancement opportunities. On the managerial positions, there also medical insurance and retirement plans.

Additional Information

Jack’s Family Restaurant features salads and meals. Green beans, sandwich, burger and full range of chicken sandwich are also available to order.

Printable Application: No. Visit official site.

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