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Jimmy John’s gourmet restaurant is one of the famous sandwich restaurants with standard premium taste and has subsidiaries in many locations, up to 1.600 booths in US. As a restaurant that provides a menu of sandwiches with a distinctive flavor of premium, Jimmy John’s seems to have been totally dedicated in terms of maintenance and improving the quality of workers to satisfy the clients. The selected staffs have qualified the requirements and are at a certain level so that the qualities of services are no doubt. In addition, the duty manager also has good experience in for this job. Equality of workers and food quality are two important aspects that will be able to attract clients demand.

Things about Jimmy John’s

If you are an individual aged 16 years and over then you can apply to Jimmy John’s restaurant.

Jimmy John’s open every day from Sunday to Saturday. Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm. Friday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm.

The positions offered by Jimmy John’s: cashier, line cook, dishwasher, assistant manager, area manager, catering specialist, baker, guerilla marketer, training manager, team members, prep cook, shift leader, general manager, business coach, catering manager, delivery driver, security certified rock star, restaurant owner.

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Job opportunity at Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s and all the restaurants that use the name are offering a job position based on each applicant’s skills. Therefore for the manager position will be filled by those who have had work experience as a manager at the previously restaurant. Every staff at Jimmy John’s restaurant should be able to execute their tasks and jobs very well other than that are able to communicate with clients with a good attitude and friendly manner. Each worker also must be enthusiastic to do the work (such as making premium tastes of sandwiches) and serve it to the client in a fun way.

The benefits by working at Jimmy John’s

Salary provided by the Jimmy John’s restaurants is very competitive with other restaurants in its class. In addition, the work schedule is very flexible and provides training for work (you will get paid for it). During the work shift you will get free meals. Other than that, Jimmy John’s also provide additional facilities such as health insurance, retirement plans for the great employee, and so forth, depending on the location and the owner of the restaurant.

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