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To maintain competition with several fast food restaurants nationally and internationally, Jimmy the Greek open more locations. Therefore, this restaurant requires experienced and professional employees. Jimmy the Greek is looking for employees who are reliable and persistent in working. More information can be found in www.jimmythegreek.com/contact_us.html. This restaurant provides some alternative foods that are focus on Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. Some of the locations that have long operated restaurant are in a mall in Canada, office buildings, and some shops. Fast food that will be provided will remain fresh food every day and customers can enjoy dinner with a basic menu such as chicken, lamb, seafood, fish, and pork. Here also provides additional menus like Greek salads and desserts that do not use MSG and preservatives.

Job Desk and Salary at Jimmy the Greek

Before the employees applying a job at Jimmy the Greek, they must fill out a form that is associated with name, address, telephone number, and some standard information on Curriculum Vitae. For employees who are have minimum age of 14 years will get a chance to work in this company. There are 3 positions will they get that are counter associate, team leader, and store manager.

The main tasks of the counter associates are called the buyer, prepare menus, clean the restaurant, and able to operate other kitchen appliances. They will receive an hourly salary of $ 12.00. For team leaders, they will have the same duties as a supervisor or manager. Team leaders should monitor the performance of employees, kitchen, cash register, record the daily duties of employees, holds the key of the register, close and open shop. The salary is $ 12.00 to $ 15.00 per hour. Store manager’s responsibilities are overseas the development of the restaurant, set the salaries of employees, hiring and training new employees. Salary options are $ 40,000 and $ 50,000 per year.

Other Information

Working at Jimmy the Greek will provide many benefits like getting regular salaries, flexible schedules, uniforms, and food discounts. Employees who have experience will get a chance free vacation and a few free annually services. A manager will get bonuses such as health insurance, dental health insurance, prescription drugs, savings accounts, and pension salaries.

In addition to providing advantages for employees, Jimmy the Greek also will provide benefits to its customers. Some of these advantages are the most popular dishes such as chicken and Souvlaki pork, cheese cake, and gyro. It also provide additional menus like Greek salad, fresh piats equipped with onions, baked potatoes, tzatziki sauce, tomato, and a few dishes cover.

Minimum age to work at Jimmy the Greek: 14

Official Site: www.jimmythegreek.com/contact_us.html

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