Jobs for 13 Year Olds that Pay

Labor laws in any country have productive working age limit, such as 13-year-old son was not allowed to have a job that is quite heavy. Parents and company must know the legal working age in each country. Please read here first!

Country legally through legislation protecting children, ordered each parent must keep the education of their children well so they can be useful for the country in the future. But, there are some summer jobs for 13 year olds which safe for children because at that time they were off school.

The following jobs for 13 year olds which could be the parents think both in terms of psychological, social developments and expand teen’s brains.

Summer Jobs for 13 Year Olds in 2015 that Pay

We hope the teens in 13 year olds can undergo summer and got extra cash with fun.

1. Washing windows in summer for 13 year old teens

This job does not require experience, quite diligent and just thorough course. You can start by making attractive brochure and offer door to door to the neighbors and some grocery stores around you.

2. Swimming Pool Cleaner Jobs

You can get paid weekly to work cleaning the pool in the summer. The most common problem arises in the pool was green algae growing wild. Green algae are very easy to grow and develop in pool especially with the condition of pool water containing nitrate and carbon dioxide. You can use cleaning chemicals of water pools that can be purchased at the supermarket. Make sure you choose a product with good quality. Make it a habit to always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using these products, to clean the pool walls of green algae, make sure you rub all over the pool walls and floor until clean of algae.

3. Making and selling arts or crafts for teens

13 year old teens are generally quite interested with unique crafts and artwork for their age. Such as making posters of the most popular bands or boy bands, arts related with skateboard, DIY crafts, etc. You should offer an example of design to teenagers, I think they have good ideas. This is a great opportunity for making cash.

4. Teen Clothing Sales

You can find clothing shop for teens. Become reseller is good idea, you can start by create teens t-shirt design in limited edition product. You can also explore the idea of teen fashion who are popular. Take advantage of music concerts to promote and get sales quickly.

5. Dog walking Jobs at summer for teens

Some people who have dogs often hire teens to make their pets happy and benign. And the 13 year old teens are able to do that.

6. Painting summer jobs suitable for teens

Painting the garage, fence and room is quite enjoyable because it can be done with ease. Teens can ask for rates $50 to paint a room.

7. Repair Bicycle

Many people who spend the summer with cycling. Here the way for 13 year old teens to make money. They can repair bicycle. You know that fixing a bike is an easy thing rather than a motorcycle.

8. Sells secondhand books and toys

Earn money fast in the summer is selling old books and toys. Teens could offer to their friends or auctioning it online at eBay.

That some jobs for 13 years olds which could be done in the summer. Certainly many other ideas that can be found.

Online jobs for 13 year olds

There are interesting ideas how to make money online for Kids or Teenagers. Do you know the Wonder Boy from Youtube named Evan? He can makes $1.3 Million a year by posting game reviews on YouTube.

Starting from the fun on his toys, Evan often review it and who would have thought, thanks to his hobby, Business Insider media estimates that Evan could reach income of $134,000 to $1.32 million per year from Adsense for YouTube video monetization program.

Evan YouTube

His jobs on

It also could be an idea for 13 year old teens. By creating a lot of original videos about hobbies, etc.. then upload and work with Adsense for Youtube.

Create a blog or a website can also be done, after get many visitors they can monetize with Adsense or other advertising.

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