Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

Nowadays, a lot of companies look for employees with a degree. So, it makes people who have no degree afraid that they will not get a job. Do not think negatively! There are some jobs that can pay you well without having to require you to have a degree.

You may be in a situation that you are not able to go to college so that you have no degree. It is okay. You are still able to get a job with high payment.

Here, we have summarize a number of highly paying jobs without a degree.

  • Real Estate Brokers

Being a real estate broker usually does not require you to have a degree. But, it will be perfect if you like people, like looking at sale and rental properties in your region, and also have a detail-oriented and organized approach. The median wage of this job is $58,350.

  • Purchasing Agents

It is a crucial role to have a responsibility for ordering and acquisition of machinery, tools, equipment, supplies, parts and also services for a business or an organization. The median salary of this job is $58,760.

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

You will work under the directions of a physician to produce ultrasound images for patients. A medical sonographer will work in a medical center, hospital, doctor’s offices, or laboratory. On average, medical sonographer can earn $65,620 per year.

  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator

If you work as a network and computer systems administrator, you will install and operate computer systems for companies. These administrators work in every field from IT to finance to education because almost every industry has network and computer systems. Some administrators require a bachelor’s degree but some of them only require a postsecondary certificate and strong computer skills. The average salary of this job is $81,100 per year.

  • Database Manager

It is someone who will store and organize data by using specialized software. They will make sure that data is secure and available to the people who need access to it. They are also able to work in almost any industry but they usually will work for companies in computer systems design and support. The average salary of this job is &87,020 per year.

  • Subway and Street Car Operators

If you work as a subway and street car operator, you will technically be in charge or operating subways or elevated trains to transport passengers. The average salary of this job is $62,730.

  • Transportation Inspectors

The task of this job is checking final safety of anything from equipment to goods. It is done to make sure that all things are safe for long travel. The average salary of this job is $63,680.

  • Dental Hygienists

They will be required to provide dental cleanings, examine patients for oral ailments and also provide preventative care. They are able to earn until $70k.

Some of the jobs above may need an associate’s degree or certain certificates. So, if you do not have a bachelor degree but have an associate degree, you are able to apply. But, some others require no degree. So, you are able to try to apply to the job that you want based on your qualification. 

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