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logo-kentucky-fried-chickenKFC is one of famous fast food restaurants, not only in US but also the worldwide. With the long chain of business this company has, it is rare to find people who honestly say that they have never been to KFC restaurant to have some quick meals. They go there for having lunch break, getting late hunger filler, enjoying casual date and celebrating special moments like birthdays. There are always reasons to go to a nearest KFC restaurant or pick up the phone to order meal to send home. With this popularity, you can be sure that KFC really has loyal customers and the company remains stable in the tough foods and beverages industry. It also means that you will always find a chance to get a long-range career advantages there.

Are you interested in joining KFC team? There is no need to feel hesitated. You can start the career path from this place and get the chance to grow. To apply for a position at this well-known fast food restaurant, you can simply use KFC job application form, available at their official site. You can send it and apply for the job online or download the PDF version and take it to the nearest KFC location you want to work at. The minimum age required to be an employee there is 16 years old. It is for entry level position. But if you want to be a manager, you need to be at least 18 years old. Do you want to know more? KFC restaurants open every day. The work hours will be between 10-11am and 6-9pm. The working hours start a bit earlier to them who have duties to prepare foods or clean up the restaurant, depending on the needs of facility. Are you going to apply for an entry-level position? The available jobs include foods preparer, maintenance, technician, cashier, sales associate and cleaner. To be one of them, you do not need to think much about age and background. You can feel free sending the application to the position at entry level you prefer to. If you are interested to work at managerial position, however, you will need to choose some jobs from shift and general manager as well as assistant management jobs. You can apply the position online. The salary offered starts from $25,000 to %60,000 per year. If you apply for a shift supervisor position, the amount of income to earn will be closer to $10 per hour.

Do you want to know what you can get more from KFC? Besides the competitive pay, this company also offers many other benefits to their employees. They are including 401(k), life, dental, health and eye care insurance. There are also wellness programs to them who are interested in it. A discount on meals is also offered to the employees. They also have opportunities to take the advantage of paid training. The working schedules are flexible. There is also a certain number of paid sick days and paid vacation time. If you want to go to a college, KFC can provide you tuition assistance programs and scholarships. You can really experience the better life with this popular fast food restaurant. You should put them on the top of job hunt list.

Print Out Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Job Application Form in PDF

Print Out Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Job Application Form in PDF


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