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logo-kmartKmart is a discount retail store which is a branch of Sears Holding Corporation. Kmart has 1200 stores of Kmart throughout some countries as U.S, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands. Kmart carries some name brands such as Joe Boxer, Jaclyn Smith, Route 66, and Country Living. Kmart offers the products of home appliances and pharmacies which opens 24 hours a day for super stores. Kmart also includes a grocery department which makes it as competitive stores.If you are interested to join with Kmart, you need to know some information about Kmart job application form online in the following section.

Kmart Job Application

You can open career page of the Sears Holding Company when you want to fill out your application for Kmart. On the page, you can search the available positions then you can apply online as you are interested in through your Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn account. You will automatically fill out your general information through the sites then you need to fill out Kmart application that will be sent to the locale and department you want to work with. In applying Kmart job, there is any minimum age. All applicants must be minimum 18 years old and it may be vary by state or country of the applicants. Kmart is a branch of the Sears Holding Corporation, so all applicants may apply Kmart job application form online at any of their distribution centers or other stores from the same career page.

Job description in Kmart

There are many available positions offered in Kmart. They have specific job description and different income. All careers begin with entry-level positions including cashiers, sales associates, and warehouse. Cashiers in Kmart are responsible to keep the customers at the center for everything they do. The cashiers must be able to have fast and efficient cash register operations, to observe the customers calls and give additional service if needed, to have knowledge of merchandise stores, services, and locations, and to work honestly in giving service to the customers. All cashiers need to have a warm personality to make all customers comfortable and satisfied.

Sales associates have special job description as finding manager who can answer the questions from customers which can’t be answered by them, assisting the customers on the floor, and keeping all areas clean and safe. They are also responsible to restock products. In addition, warehouse positions are responsible to check-in merchandise from the distribution center. They also need to work with the shipping invoice account.

Other positions as In-store office, Distribution centers, and In-store Supervisors also have different job description. In-store offices are responsible with bookkeeping and secretarial jobs. The more experience and education they have, the more wage rate paid they will earn. Distribution centers must be able to record the stock numbers accurately and know the descriptions of items and merchandise shipped in accurate ways. They need to have specific abilities as reading and writing skills. Meanwhile, the Supervisors of In-store department must be able to see the quality of work conducted by the team members and to help associate finish their duties. They also need to be able to help all questions from customers.

If you are interested to join with Kmart, you can use Kmart job application form online from the career page available. You will earn competitive hourly wages depending on the location, job description, and your experience and knowledge.

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Kmart Job Application Form Online


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