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Working as a part time employee is one way to earn more money. It can be done for those who are considered as a new entry level people. For those who really need a part time job, you can just try to follow the Korvette Application Program. By sharing this program, they give a chance for you to work with their team part time. The good news, Korvette is not only welcoming an entry level jobseeker but also professional jobseeker to work as a fulltime employee. Just like an ordinary recruitment process, you have to follow several tests for a few weeks before accepting as a new employee. The process is including face to face interview with the manager.

The key to pass the recruitment process is that you should have strong loyalty to the company and your team, customer service skill, and good in attitude. When you pass the process, you will be sent to the training program but you don’t need to worry because you can still receive some money during your training program. Just send your application letter right away as long as you are more than 14 years old. At least, there are two jobs you can apply. Those are store associate and management. For those who want to apply as the part of store associate, you have to learn about how customer service works. The duties of this team are including working on cash register, store display, sales, and many more. Commonly, you have to work around 20 up to 30 hours per week. If you think that you are the best person to fill one of store associate positions, you can just send your application letter. You might be happy because later, you can earn more income around $9.00 per hour from doing such kind of job.

On the other hand, if you have different type of working experience or managerial skill, you can apply for management position. To apply this position, you have to be able to work full time and have strong leadership skill. Later, you have to manage working schedules, follow meetings, hire new employee, and many more. It is true that you will have to do a complicated and hard task than store associate team. The different is that you will get higher salary in which you can earn around $12.00 up to $14.00 per hour especially if you are working as supervisor. Interestingly, if you get the managerial position, you can earn up to $35.000 or even $50.000 per year. Don’t lose this opportunity and check the complete information from the link below.

Minimum age to work at Korvette: 18

Official Site: www.korvette.ca/emplois.asp?lan=en

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