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This article will be showing a brief history of Kroger, which might be important for those interested in applying available jobs at Kroger. Let’s begin with some interesting facts around the company. In 1883, there was first Kroger opened in Cincinnati, Ohio. The founder of Kruger is Bernard Kroger, who spent $400 to open his first store. He is a pioneer of in-store bakeries and butchers. Why he is called as a pioneer? Because of the time you have to different location to buy baked goods and meat. Kroger’s innovation allows people to purchase any goods and items through the first supermarket that he created in 1930. The supermarket was the first one that included parking lots on four sides. Kroger acquired Dillon Companies in 1983. Kroger provides various number of departments, each have fresh deli sections, meat, dairy, and seafood sections. By introducing them, Kroger proves to be different from many groceries available today. Some of Kroger stores even have a pharmacy. Departments that are available at Kroger include net Kroger hypermarket stores, grocery departments, and in-store banks. Kroger also provides several other sections for bed products, bath products, home furnishing, appliances, and toys. Customers recognize Kroger as a company that sells premium-brand, national, and private products. They will absolutely find a wide range of options regarding daily needs.

What are positions available at Kroger? Well, basically there are two positions: 1) entry level positions, and 2) management positions. We will be showing further explanation for each position available at Kroger:

1) Entry level positions
There are plenty of positions for those applying for a specific entry-level job. Your age must be 16 years in order to fill either full-time or part-time schedules. Front-end associate and stock associate are among entry-level positions available at Kroger. The duties related to this level include cleaning, stocking shelves, and corralling shopping carts. Other positions include night stockers, floral managers, retail workers, jewelry retail, and produce buyers. All these entry-level positions are the first step that will lead will you to administrative and management careers.

2) Management positions
If you are interested in management positions, Kroger provide several of titles, including store manager, assistant manager, department manager, shift supervisor, and team leader. If you got one of these titles, you will earn salary between $80,000 and $25,000 per year, depending on your experience, background, title, and working history.

Kroger doesn’t provide printable job application, so if you are among those people who are interested in working at Kroger – and you are desperately wants to work at Kroger – you must come visiting their website in order to apply for any positions offered. Go to Kroeger’s website and click on “careers” link. Once you clicking on the link, you will be taken to a page where you can find a brief history of the company. Below the history, you found “search career opportunities” (from which you can find any information related to positions you’d like to apply) and “apply for store opportunities” (you can start filling out online application by clicking it).

Click here to apply online at Kroger careers.

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