Legal Administrator Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for legal administrator is almost the same with another letter for many disciplines. The first paragraph that you write is the first impression the company gives to you. The first paragraph also pictures you, then. For legal administrator, it is important to write down the experience and skill that you have on legal and administrative sphere in the cover letter. Of course, the description is shortened. It gives the company quite clear picture on the skill you have. Besides, it gives them information on specific skill and experience you have before.

A cover letter can be your entrance to get chance is called by the company you choose. These are the classic formula to get a good cover letter. Do not forget to know the name the recipient of your letter and the position on company she or he is. First paragraph may catch the most. Thus, inform them your quality of working and the experience you have in this first paragraph. Be aware of the mistyping you may do. Do not forget to ask friends as your proofreaders. Do not forget to place the phone number you have in your cover letter.

Legal Administrator Cover Letter Sample

23 Second Street
Madville, NY 45326

13 March 2014
Mr. Andrew Field
Human Resource Development
Emily and Rose Company
24 Mason Street
Madville, NY 45326

Dear Mr. Field,

The advertisement that your company publish on New York Newspaper has draw my attention on the vacancy in your company as Legal Administrator. My work experience and skill on legal and administrative sphere may fulfill the requirements of your company:

  • Having more than 5 years experience with many law and business companies
  • Dealing with problem of law firm and its resolution
  • Excellent in both oral and writing skills

I am interested in legal administration especially something related to company and business law. I would like to improve my skill on export, trade, and international law. With your company, I hope that I can improve my skills on international law.

I will greatly appreciate any given opportunity to proceed to the next step on being a Legal Administrator in Emily and Rose Company. By next week, I will call your company to see schedule of the appointment your company prepare. I also look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me to (666) 666-6666 or by email Thank you very much for your attention.


Eva Milasari

Encl. Resume

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