Legal Intern Cover Letter Sample

As a law school student, legal internship is usually taken to get real time experience in legal field as well to give their more competences for their portfolio. Since it is professional, to apply legal internship, not only first class resume but also attractive and noticeable cover letter must be written and it can be a huge deal for the students. A cover letter is how to convey your skill and ability you have that will be considered by the employers.

According to the needs of the employers about the candidacy, it is important to provide what you have that can fit to the employer’s requirements. Since internship will affect your future, when you have or take particular field in law, you have to mention it. Internship can provide mutual benefits between the law firm and the intern yet because of it tend to be professional matter; the first class cover letter will support your resume.

You can take a look into this following sample of legal intern cover letter before you write your own.

Feb 4, 2015

Mr. O Dolmen
Ryder Attorneys
Wild Swan Ln 78
Bainbridge Isl, Washington 8173x

Dear Mr. Dolmen:

I am a law student at the Law School of Bainbridge in my third year and I would like to inquire of a possible internship opportunity at your firm, Ryder Attorneys. I realize that evolve focus on working on criminalities, which is my main field of interest and study and I convince that I have capability to give contribution for this fields.

I have a dedication for exception with the skill to perform the same through results. Several of my values include:

  • In-grip experience in drafting and negotiation contract
  • Knowledgeable with distinct types, terms, business practices of contract
  • Special skill in copyright, patents and trademarks issues handling
  • Expert user of basic MS Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

I am interested in the diversity and scope of your company to which I convince I can give more contribution. My familiarity of criminal law along with in-depth observation and writing skills will make me valuable to your firm. I have attached my resume and look forward to meet you in person to discuss about more detail.

I would like to express my gratitude for your time and consideration.


Cath Miller
(00x) 99x-87xx

(Enclosed: Resume)

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