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Lenny’s sub shop a restaurant that serves variety menu of sandwiches with variations, is providing jobs for those of you who are looking for jobs. It is ranging from entry-level position (such as sandwich maker) to manager position. This restaurant is very pay the attention to the service for clients so that even if you are applying for an entry-level position, the owner of the restaurant is very expecting that you must: have a humble attitude and friendly manner, making, carrying and serving food and drinks with enthusiasm. The employees must understand and follow the principle of food freshness with very well (and therefore companies will provide training).

Lenny’s Sub Shop job opportunity

Besides as applicants who later worked at Lenny’s Sub Shop you must take full responsibility for your work, are able to communicate well with clients and orders from superiors, and take the time as efficient as possible. For entry-level positions will not require a degree or certain educational standards even you can apply if you are 16 years of age or more. Whereas for managerial positions you must have at least diploma degree and have working experience in the food service industry before. This restaurant provides a part-time or full-time. Meanwhile the manager will always get a full-time assignment but the supervisor and other positions can adjust it with the flexible work hour or part time.

Job position in Lenny’s Sub Shop

There are two positions at Lenny’s Sub Shop such as sandwich maker and manager. These two positions are distinguished by the skill and experience.

For the sandwich maker position is reserved for those who are young and looking for work experience in the industry of service food. The sandwich maker is also suitable for those who are first time applying for jobs and this position is available for part time or full time. Responsibility and accuracy is required in this position. To make sandwiches will be done with standard kitchen equipment (you will get training for it). Salary will be paid per hour and adjusted to workers’ skills.

The managerial positions are for you who have working experience in the industry of food service before. This position includes a shift leader position until the restaurant manager. Managers should pay attention to the operational standards of work and if necessary, conduct training and selecting applicants. Shift leader on duty to provide motivation for workers. Salaries for managers ranged from 25,000 US dollars to 40,000 US dollars per year.

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