Letter of Employment for an Accountant

How to make letter of employment

Letter of employment is required when someone applies for insurance, a bank account, a mortgage, a new job, or any jobs which require identification verification. To make letter of employment, there are few things you need to consider to include in the verification letter. Here some elements in making Accountant Cover Letter Example.

Use letterhead of company

Using letterhead of company makes the letter official. There are name of the company, the address, and contact information in the letterhead.

Give explanation about who you are

You need to explain about you are, your position at the company, and your start date. The explanation is given after obligatory greeting. You can give as brief as possible. You can search on the internet for the sentences you use to explain yourself. There are many to find to use for our self-explanation.

Explain about how long the employee has worked at your company

You need to give the name of the employee, the date of the employee started work with the company, and the job’s title of the employee. It is also necessary to give the position of the employee whether he/she works on a permanent position or not in the first paragraph. You can use this example, “This letter is to confirm the employment of Julie Taylor. Julie Taylor has been an accountant since August 4, 2010.” It is also necessary to include information of salary of the employee. You can also add about the employee’s number of hours he/she works per week for more details.

Make summary of the work duties of employee

You need to describe the employee’s duties in technical description. Add why the employee becomes the important part of the company. If the employee isn’t an essential part of the company, you also need to explain why.

Write your contact

To make Accountant Cover Letter Sample, you also need to write your contact or preferred mode. It is necessary for follow-up if there is any follow up question from the organization. Tell that you don’t mind if the organization contacts you for the following up questions. You can include your phone number or email address as your contact. The example is like, “If you have any questions or require further information, don’t hesitate to contact me at (your phone number or email address)”.

Sign the letter

It is important to sign the letter then add official stamps used by the company. You can send it directly to the requesting organization or give the letter to the employee.

You can also ask the employee to make the letter of employment for an accountant then you sign later. However, you need to read the letter before signing. Check whether the letter is made in a correct way and content. There are some companies which have specific template for employment verification. If you are not sure with the template of letter employment for an accountant, you can check the template with your human resources department. Reference: Wikipedia.

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Letter of Employment for an Accountant

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