Letter of Intent College Admissions

Letter of intent is needed when you want to apply to a college. Even though you will send the transcripts and other documents in your application, but this letter is important because in this letter, you will explain your achievements, your goals and other things that can convince the admission commitee that you are eligible for being one of the students in that college.

A letter of intent is an essay which is submitted as a part of your admission package to a school, college or university. In the lettter, you will establish intent to enroll by informing admissions of your educational and career background. Then, the department of admission will review your letter along with the other submitted materials, to assess whether you are a worthy candidate for their college. So, you have to deliver a high quality letter of intent. You have to think that your letter of intent as a document that sells your strength, your background and your drive.

In the first paragraph, you have to mention the program that you have applied to and give the reason why you have selected this specific program and also this college for a bachelor’s degree. In this part, you have to guarantee that you capture the attention of the reader in the very beginning of the letter. Why? It is because the reader has to go through several letters to shortlist students who will make it into the college.

Your letter will not go to take you anywhere if you keep beating around the bush. Then, in the next paragraph, you are able to talk about your school performance, how you developed interest in the field you are applying for, and how you intend to go about reaching the goal that you have set for yourself by being a part of this program. You also have to mention your academic achievements. If you have had any work experience, strengths such as abilities, skills and aptitude, you have to mention it. Then, make a mention of the extracurricular activities that you have joined in while in school.

If you have a weakness, make sure that you make it sound like a positive. Then, in the closing paragraph, you have to reiterate in very specific terms why you want to be a part of that specific program and how the program will help you reach the academic goals that you have laid for yourself. Make sure that you also conclude it by telling them why you think that you should be a part of the college and how the college will benefit by giving you admission.

When you make this letter, make a rough layout and format before you actually write it. So, it will give your letter a defined structure. Then, write your letter so that your passion, dedication, enthusiasm and commitment toward the program and your desire to get admission into it is reflected thoroughly in it. You also have to note that your letter should not be very long and also should not be very short. 

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