Letter of Intent for Substitute Teacher

When you are completing your teacher degree, you can apply for the position of substitute teacher in a school that you see has good potential to develop your teaching skill. If you are accepted as substitute teacher during your study, this will increase your experience and add your skills on dealing with students and academic stuff. Basically letter of intent is the same with cover letter. The only difference is in the letter of intent, you are not responding to job vacancy advertisement. Here is one letter of intent for substitute teacher for your reference.

March 23, 2015

Mr. Woo Wee
Great Imagination Primary School
999 Loving Street
Dreamland, Lost Angel 55577

Dear Mr. Wee

I am Angel Paw and I am one on student in Great Teachers Academy completing my teacher degree. I would like you to know that I am available for becoming substitute teacher in your school. It will be an honor for me if you would like me to join your teachers’ team and apply my style and methodologies of teaching. I believe my skill on communication will enable me to work better with the students as well as with lead teachers in your school. Here are some experiences and achievements that I have for your consideration.

Before being one of the students in Great Teachers Academy, I was one of teacher’s assistant in the Great Creation Primary School. For almost 2 years I had learnt a lot about techniques in classroom management as well as the ability to arrange different subjects in a syllabus with good harmony. During my period in assisting in all primary school subjects, I found out that I’m really good at teaching art, English and Indonesian. In one semester I had a chance to be the lead teacher because the lead teacher in charged was absent due to private reason.

Along with this letter, I enclose some attachments containing more detail of my skills on teaching. I am available for interview anytime at your convenience. I am also willing to do teaching test if requested. For fast response, please contact me at (101) 555 999 if you need to ask me more of my experience and personal information. I also give my email as well as some accounts in case that you send me notification letter or others.

I hope the resume and my teaching diploma can be your consideration also. Thank you for your time and attention.


Angel Paw

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