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logo-loblawsLowlabss is a big supermarket that is why this supermarket offering a lot of job opportunities for those who interest in work in here. Lowlabs job application may found through online services, provides a lot of chances for you. With the numbers of the store that exist in Canada, it is a high percentage of jobs for you to get.


The cashier for lowlabs has the duties to scans the products, handle all of the payment for the products, and also process all the coupons. Other job duties like bags loading, cleaning, shelves managing, and make sure all the products are on their place are belong to them. The average payment for cashier is about $12.00 per hour. Store clerks have the duties to assist the customers during their shopping activities. The main job is to know all the things about the products and maintaining the environments, and push the sales. The average salary for this position is between $10.00 and $13.00 an hour. The other store clerks that have the duties of unload all the deliveries, organizing the stocks, and set ups the display have different payment of $11.00 and $15.00 per hour. For those who have intention to have a long job career may find their best in manager positions. They must ensure that satisfaction of the customer, monitoring all the things in the store, and also driving the sales. The manager includes department, assistant, and store manager which paid between $40,000 and $110,000 annually.


The most beneficial offers from working at Lowlabs is the saving plans for the employee. The saving plans include health, wellness, and also financial saving plans. The 80% coverage of medical insurance sure a great benefit for the insurance that Lowlabs gives to the employee. The medical coverage for dental insurance and also eye care coverage also included. This insurance will cover additional medical insurance for employees, family members, and also retirees also. The other benefits is the flexibility of work schedule, many workers will get the benefits of personal day off and payment during their day off. and all the trainings that provided for the employee with payment. A lot of discount for the employee for some products also exist in Labs. Lowlabs also provide employee development program for employees to get the development for the extensive skill. The best part is all of the training that Lowlabs offer will also come with several different bonuses.

Minimum age to work at Loblaws: 15

Official Site: www.loblaw.ca/careers

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