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Employing over 8,000 staffs worldwide, the fast seafood service, Long John Silver’s requires workers to a regular basis position both for part time or full time employees. Entry-level applicants are necessary to join team member and perform the service whereas experienced workers will be responsible for managerial duties.

Working at LJS

  • Minimum age : 16 years old at minimum
  • Hours of Operation: Sunday to Thursday from 10.30 am to 10.00 pm, Friday to Saturday 10.30 am to 11.00 pm
  • Available positions: Crew member, Crew Leader, Supervisor, Associate Manager, Manager, Cooks, Cashier and Store Manager

LJS Job Vacancy

First-timer, new-hires and inexperienced workers are welcomed to apply and will be provided intensive training program. The chance to get higher position as shift manager is widely open for those with leadership and communication skill. Flexible timing, meal rebate are the niceties from the chain.

Experienced workers must perform long hour’s job deal with administrative and managerial duties. Previous experience is the mandatory assessment for the candidates. Long hour working and big responsibility will be compensated by consistent salary rewards for qualified leaders and benefits package.

Positions and Salary Information

Job seekers must fill out the application to meet the opportunities with parent company. 16 years old applicants with entry-level job search receive employment attention. 18 year old applicants are considered as shift or store manager. Upper-level job seekers will require high school diploma as the educational background.

Job Titles


To fill entry-level position. Taking orders, maintaining money and cash register operation and packing meals on trays or take-away bags. Supervise the store cleanliness. Outgoing and friendly personalities and excellent customer service are valuable candidates. The duties will be assigned by managers. The salary starts at minimum wage and increase after working performance assessment and review.

Team Member

Hard work and dedication. Food cooking based on stated recipes, maintain well work stations, check supplies and guarantee quality. Follow company protocols and ready during shifts. Responsible, reliable and honest are the must own qualities. Start out with minimum salary with $8.00 hourly over time increase.


Perform managerial roles such as crew leader, associate manager and manager. Dealing with supervising, hiring and schedule settings and maintain overall store operation.

Crew leader: $8.00-$10.00 an hour.

Associate Manager: $20.000 to $25.000 per year

Manager: $40.000-$50.000 a year (location and experience based)

Working Benefits

Competitive salary, pain training chance, career development. Food discount and benefits packages as niceties. Eligible staff covered by insurance, financial planning, paid off duty.

More Info about LJS

Providing healthier meal options by serving less than 600 cal. Reduce the carbon footprint by serving seafood as the fast food menus.

Printable Application: No. Visit official site.

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