Lowe’s Job Application Form

If dealing with tools, appliances, and accessories is what you prefer for your start up career in US, Mexico, Canada or Australia, Lowe’s could be the choice. The hardware store chain has about 1,750 stores in four countries. Such a lot of stores demand so many workers to fill various positions. Every year, Lowe’s opens many job opportunities for people who looking for job. If you want to apply the job, you can go to the official website of Lowe’s to fill the application form and submit it. About printable Lowe’s Job Application Form, Lowe’s does not provide it. Nevertheless, if you want to come to one of Lowe’s stores and ask about the possibility to apply job right to the store, you can try it.

Similar with other chain businesses, entry-level jobs are the most common jobs available. Of course, managerial positions also available. Part-time and full-time jobs are offered but the availability would depend on each location. The entry-level jobs are including but not limited to Team Member, Cashier, Receiving Clerk, Delivery Driver, and Sales Associate. Lowe’s also requires specialists such as Loss Prevention and Safety Specialist, Plumbing Sale Specialist, Building Material Sales Specialist, Nursery Sales Specialist, Outdoor Power Equipment Sales Specialist, and Exterior Project Specialist. For managerial jobs, the examples of available positions are Loss Prevention Manager, Distribution Manager, Assistant Manager, and Store Manager. Job description and responsibility of every position are different. For example, sales associate job description is including stock shelves and assist customers while managers commonly need to deal with scheduling, training, and monitoring.

When working at Lowe’s, you can expect competitive pay rates for every position. For entry level position, Lowe’s commonly offers minimum rate while more experiences worker could expect higher rate. For managers, salary ranges per year are between $20,000 and $65,000. Employee benefits such as flexible scheduling and compensated job training are something to be expected by entry-level workers. Eligible workers and higher-level positions could expect more benefits such as medical insurance, wellness, future-planning, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and other benefits are offered by Lowe’s.

Unlike other chain-businesses that commonly hire worker at minimum 16 years old, you must at least 18 years old to work at Lowe’s. Commonly, Lowe’s requires candidates with knowledge in hardware, tools, and appliances. Deeper knowledge and skills in related field are required for specialist and other high-level positions. If you want to work at Lowe’s, it would be better if you learn hardware, tools, and appliances. Of course, you also need to learn about company history and anything related to the company because it would show you strong will to work at Lowe’s. If you interest to work at Lowe’s and apply the job online, you need to wait for their respond. If you qualified, they will call you for interview. Interview would be the key of the employment so you need to prepare yourself well. Make sure you have a nice look but do not too much. Make sure you come on time. Make sure you use polite words and answer all questions with confident.

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Print Out Lowe’s Job Application Form in PDF

Print Out Lowe’s Job Application Form in PDF


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