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LPNWe do know that LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurses. It means that the nurses use their skills in terms of nursing services to patients in several types of facility like community health facilities, state mental health facilities, prisons, veterans’ hospitals. Nurses receive the command directly from the health doctor or professional Registered Nurse. Moreover, nurses also give various other services to maintain remedial, secure and healthy environment. So, when you are following nursing education, the main purpose is pursuing that kind of license. After graduated, each of you will be looking for a position as a nurse. Some institutions might give you an opportunity to become a fully practical nurse.

So let us talk about future here. In the future, you will be graduated and grab a license as a practical nurse. And as a fresh graduate in the field of LPN, you may be competing against veteran nurses with more knowledge, experience, and training. This ought to be happened when you are applying for nursing positions. So it is likely you are going to feel like a mini-sized ant who is dealing with an ant-soldier who comes with better experience than you are. Surely you have to design a good, neat strategy to win the battle. In this sense, you must make a strong cover letter explaining that you are an ideal candidate for the available position. Here are a few tips to follow when you are trying to write a cover letter for nursing positions.

  • Try to make cover letter in one page only. This cover letter should be treated as an introduction to your CV/resume like LPN Cover Letter Examples. So it is important to understand that a cover letter must not repeat your work history and your educational background. Deliver your message by writing three up to four paragraphs. Within these paragraphs, you have to state the position you want, licensed practical nurse, and summary on your education. Moreover, you also need to explain why you want the job. Try to show enthusiasm.
  • In your letter, please address yourself directly. Skip any sentences with niceties. It means you don’t have to mention every achievement, award, and prior job in a cover letter. Instead of doing this, the letter should focus on mentioning one or two qualifications or key skills required for the nursing position. If you are talented enough, then you may be willing to demonstrate your talents and knowledge through the letter. Furthermore, you have to make a link between needs of recruiters and your personal experience. Such a way will make sure that you receive a full attention from the employer.
  • Be specific with your letter. Do not make a statement that actually looks ridiculous. For example, that you have mastered the ability to manage things related to finance, whereas it has nothing to do with nursing position which you are applying. Also, do not write any sentences with buzzwords or vague cliché. If you are not a team player, then do not ever mention yourself as one. You also need to make a highlight upon your life and academic experience (i.e. describe your internship, discussing the skills, and many more). Reference: Wikipedia.

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LPN Cover Letter Sample

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