LPN Cover Letter Sample (full version)

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is a member of the medical profession that does their duties taking care of patients while under the management of registered nurses or doctors. They can’t provide assistance in surgery or help with anesthesia. But they are vital to do many common medical and personal things for patients and assisting doctors and nurses do other functions. Some of tasks are including helping patients to eat, take a bath, dress, walk, comb their hair etc. With a number of duties to perform, a LPN needs to have some qualifications including compassion, stamina, detail oriented, speaking skills, interpersonal skills and patience.

A person does not need to take more than one year of training to be licensed practical nurse. Therefore, many people want to pursue this profession. If you have already owned the proper background, you should not be hesitated to write a cover letter that will show your ability, enthusiasm and willingness to work hard and to be a real help to the organization. Do you need a sample? You can take a look at the following one:

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September 19, 2014

Ms. Rosemarie Hall, R.N.,BSN
Hiring Manager
Big Town Nursing Home and Hospital
450 Mission Avenue
Big Town, USA 99999

Dear Ms. Hall:

For the past six years I have been employed at Any Town Health Clinic as an LPN. However, now I am interested in relocating and working for Big Town Nursing Home and Hospital. So I was very happy to see your job post on JobSearchJimmy.com for an LPN.

My experience includes measuring and recording patients’ weight, height, temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate. I also prepare and give injections, and monitor catheters, dress wounds, and give alcohol rubs and massages.

When necessary I assist with bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene, as well as feeding, standing and walking.

Some of my duties also include cleaning and monitoring medical equipment and assisting physicians and registered nurses perform tests.

I can imagine you will be reading many applications and inviting job seekers in for interviews. I hope to be one of them, as I am eager to assume this position and I can be ready to go to work as early as next Monday.

I’m available to speak with you in person at your office or by phone. If you’re interested in pursuing this further, please call me at 777-777-7777 day or evening.

I appreciate your reading my cover letter and attached resume and giving me an opportunity to bid for this job as an LPN.


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