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LW store industry has more than 1.000 workers but they still need new workers to join their successful company. This is concerning to the fact that they want to grow their store in the future. So, just prepare your LW application and get the chance to join their team. They are opening the opportunity whether for part time job or full time job. It means people with less experience or of course professional jobseekers are welcome to apply. Most of the jobs offered here are interesting and it seems that you will get new working experience and sensation while doing your job at LW store.

There are 4 different job opportunities you can apply right away. Stock associate is the first job you can apply. Your job is to manage the stock of the store. It is a must for you to make sure that the store has enough stock to serve customers. It is better for you to have strong body because you have to lift over 50 pounds. The payment system is calculated in hourly. If you are applying this position, you are able to get $10.00 up to $13.00 per hour. The second job you can apply is cashier. In contrast, this position is for those who love to work in front of the store. You will manage the transaction with your customers. Besides having good skill on operating cashier machine, you also need to be friendly in serving your customers. Later, you will earn around $11.00 per hour. If you want to meet people but different from the second job, you can also apply the third job, customer service associate. The main skill you need to have is communication skill. The most important thing is that you have to understand the product you want to share to customers. You will be paid for about $10.50 per hour to be a customer service team.

The last position you can apply is an outlet manager. You have to manage and monitor the sales of the store. It is not the only duty you have to do. Moreover, you also need to manage everything related to the workers. Because of this hard duty, you will be paid for about $30.000 up to $60.000 per year. You can get the complete information by clicking the link above. Just don’t lose the opportunity to work at one of popular stores in Canada and be a successful worker there.

Minimum age to work at LW: 16

Official Site: www.lwstores.com/html/products/employment.html

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