Maintenance Porter Resume Sample

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Joshua Bernard
Address: 892 Rogers Lake Road, Lithonia, GA 28736
Phone : (999) 999-9999
Email :

Maintenance Porter

Maintenance porter is a cleaning professional with high skill and expertise in various structure types cleaning as well as maintaining for schools, residences, and also office buildings. Maintenance porter is individual hands on with the knowledge about the safety procedure of workplace.

Main Qualifications

  • Skills for performing maintenance for minimizing the harm and hazard
  • Ability for showing the expertise in malfunctioning equipment repair for ensuring the operation which is smooth and consistent
  • Proper knowledge for using the equipment for cleaning as well as maintenance with safety procedure
  • Ability for snow removal with various kinds of equipment for providing the clear and safe path for individuals or cars.

Chosen Achievements

  • Offered the salt sprinkler system concept for reducing the slipping possibility on the frozen walkways.
  • Reducing cost of electricity bill by 33 percent by advising insulation technique for building.
  • Educated 15 employees for working as janitorial staff for the off state office.

History of Employment

  • 6/2010-Present at St. Luke’s Residential, Lithonia, GA
  • Maintenance Porter
  • Property inspection
  • Maintenance and repair identification
  • Preventative as well as general maintenance performance
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Furniture dusting and polishing as well as furniture rearrangement
  • Mix cleaning agents
  • Meter cut offs awareness maintenance
  • Trash collection and disposal
  • Lawn mowing
  • Snow shoveling
  • Cleaning supplies inventory maintenance

1/2009-5/2010 at Maxpax Apartments, Lithonia, GA


  • Floor sweeping and mopping as well as furniture dusting and polishing
  • Light bulbs changing and damaged fixtures repair or replacement
  • Bathroom washing and counter cleaning
  • Staircase cleaning and runner adjusting for stairway and entrance
  • Carpet vacuuming and shampooing
  • Cleaning supplies inventory maintenance
  • Ground mowing and trimming assisting as well as snow shoveling from the walkway and parkway


City School Diploma in Lithonia, GA in 2008

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