Maintenance Resume Template

Have you ever had experience to be network maintainer of a small company? Well, network maintainer is the profession that is searched the most by people or officer. This job is really best profession. Besides you will interact most with internet world, it also will give you more and fun challenges.

Well, we cannot deny in this modern era, internet necessary become the popular needs by humans. By technological development, everything requires instant and simple way. Some people will install the network both at home and also office. Nowadays, network is needed everywhere. Even, some big companies have applied online service for getting the new staffs of them. That’s why maintenance profession will be the great chance for you to have better future.

So, if you have worked as the maintainer at small company, you have to try applying at other big companies. Then, if you are really interested to improve your skills and challenges, you can start for applying the new employment as the maintainer.

What should you do for seeking the new position of its profession? Of course, you have to make a maintenance resume template. Making the resume requires you some techniques. Even, you have to check the good resume sample to get the best resume of yours.

What you have to write on it? You have to explain yourself and personal experience on a resume. Then, you also have to write carefully about your job experience and educational background. You can compare your explanation with the job description that is written on the maintenance applicant’s board. You can make a highlighting for some points like your job experience, educational background, and awards.

Mentioning the certificate or awards from the related position can be plus point for you. Well, now you can check best maintenance resume template below.

Benjamin Louise
78 Coral Road
Seaside, California 7676
Home: (222) 444444
Cell: (768) 878787


Maintenance worker for five years at Home and Office Solution Company for maintaining home and office’s network. Looking for new employment with a maintenance service provider. Excellent service communicator, skilled in many areas, discipline, responsible, and good consultant.


Home and Office Solution Company (2008-2013)

  • Repaired network at home and office
  • Installed hardware and software
  • Repaired software and hardware of computer and any gadgets
  • Faced general problem of computer


California State High School (2007)


American Internet Awards: Best Maintainer and Programmer (2011)

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