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logo-manchu-wokManchu WOK restaurant is looking for strong-minded candidates to maintain front counter service and cooking stations positions. This fast food restaurant is hiring both professional full-time and entry level part-time workers. The application to Manchu WOK can be done via online.

Jobs available in Manchu WOK

This fast food restaurant has some job opportunities for entry level employees such as high school students. Some of the positions available for entry level and part time workers are cashier, server, and cook.

The responsibilities of cashier are ensuring customer satisfaction, handling money, assisting cook and server, communicating with the manager, and maintaining the cleanliness of the workstation. A cashier must have excellent math skill, be able to operate computer and POS register system, and have outgoing personality. Entry level part-time cashier will earn $12 per hour on average.

The responsibilities of a server are taking and delivering order, greeting, and meeting patrons. Being a server must have outgoing and positive personalities, be able to maintain professional appearance, and customer service skills. Entry level server will get minimum wage per hour at start.

The main responsibility of a Manchu WOK cook is preparing menus. This fast food restaurant requires the applicants to have cooking experienced, team values, and customer service skills. Being a cook is quite demanding. A cook must work on foot all day, handling and storing food properly as stated in the safety guidelines, and maintaining kitchen equipment properly. At start, a cook will be paid at minimum wage and increases to $12.00/hour on average. Manchu WOK also regularly looking for applicants to fill full time positions such as managers.

The advantages of working at Manchu WOK

Manchu WOK provides excellent educational and training program to assist career advancement. It also provides competitive wage and uniform. Qualified employees will also get healthcare coverage and bonuses.

All about Manchu WOK

Manchu WOK is a fast food restaurant that offers Canadian-Chinese and American-Chinese foods. This chain restaurant was first established in Peterborough, ON in 1980. Now, there are more than 200 restaurants that are located across Canada, U.S, Korea, and Japan.

This restaurant offers freshly prepared Chinese menus. The menus are a combination of rice, noodles, pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, and vegetables. They are cooked with high heated woks. Some of the popular menus are sweet and sour pork, Hunan Beef, butterfly shrimps, and Kung Pao chicken. This restaurant is also offering catering service for parties, lunches, and meetings.

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