Marketing Resume Sample

Do you want to get a job in marketing field? Pay attention to your resume, as it will also your marketing skill. A good marketing resume sample should be began with a cover letter. The cover letter will give your target company an introduction to your resume, so make sure you write it well. Take for example this following cover letter;

James Barker
66 South Street
Dowm Town, USA 12345
Home: (027) 888-2727
Cell: 818-332-0332

March 2, 2015

Ms. Lorreta Colburn
Hiring Manager
Up TownClothing Company
150 Runaway Highway
Big Town, USA 54321

Dear Ms. Colburn,

I have been looking for marketing field job during this week, and I found your post at about your company marketing search. I have had three years of experience as an assistance manager in trading department of A Good Garment and a year experience as a director secretary in Fame Fashion Magazine. And I am now ready to be part of a marketing team in Up Town Clothing Company. I always have interest in advertising and promoting fashion products.

It would be a worthy chance, if we could meet in person. I would be able to present my portfolio accomplishment and my future marketing plan. I am known as a creative employee who focuses on target and strategy. Besides, I also pay attention on details and a systematical worker.

I welcome a call from you at 818-332-0332 days or evening to schedule an interview. I will be willing to accommodate your schedule for the interview. Thank you for your consideration to my cover letter and resume.


James Barker

After reading the cover letter, the company target will read you resume as the main consideration. For a marketing resume sample, this following resume gives more detail related to the cover letter;

James Barker
66 South Street
Dowm Town, USA 12345
Home: (027) 888-2727
Cell: 818-332-0332


Experienced assistance trading manager for three years working with trading system and strategy and a year experienced secretary of a director in a fashion magazine who has been dealing with the trend of fashion and people favor of fashion.


A Good Garment Company (2008 – 2010)

  • Developed trading strategy of the company
  • Helped improved the marketing system
  • Trained new trading staffs
  • Met a lot of companies which have worked in the same field

Fame Fashion Magazine (2011 – 212)

  • Administered the executives’ administrations
  • Attended executive meeting of the company which talk about fashion, strategy, and marketing.

University of Down Town, Down Town, USA (2007)
Good College Town, Down Town, USA (2003)

Employee Award : The Marketer of the Year (2010)
Good Garment Company: Creativity in Market Strategy Award (2009)

The resume above could be a guideline for you to write your own marketing resume. As you apply the marketing field, you need to show that you have professional marketing skill through your resume. Choose the proper envelope before posting your job application

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