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There is a chance for Canadians to find a new job and improve their career. One of the stores which open this opportunity is Marshalls. This store is a large store and they still want to grow their industry in the future. Because of that, they are welcome new employees to join and work in their company. They still open an opportunity for entry level and of course professional applicants. Later, you will work around large metropolises and suburban to grow their store there.

It is true that store management is only available for people who can work full time. Therefore, you don’t need to worry because there are still several jobs which can be applied for part timer workers. If you are more than 14 years old and interest to work in retail industry, you can start to consider applying the Marshalls Application. The link below will guide you to start the process. You can apply a job as cashier. The specific skill you need to have is the skill to operate computer or cashier machine. The good news is that cashier is welcome for you who have limited working experience or entry level. The salary of this job is following the minimum wage and it will be increased based on your working performance. Do you want to earn $12.00 per hour? If it is so, you can try to apply a job as store associate team. Your main job is interacting with customers to share information about the products offered to them. You can also work at the back in which you have to load the products, display the product, and manage the products which want to be displayed at the store.

So, how about if you apply for full time job? Just try to apply as store management position. You can be a supervisor, coordinator, and also store manager. The challenge is that you have to do several hard tasks to finish. It seems the hard tasks you have to finish are worth it with the salary you will get. You will get up to $16.00 per hour or $50.000 up to $70.000 per year. Additional benefits are included to your list. Those are including health coverage, dental coverage, life insurance, and many more. So, what you are waiting for? If you really need a job and it seems that Marshalls can facilitate your need, you can just read the information from this page.

Minimum age to work at Marshalls: 16

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