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logo-mary-brown'sAs the second largest chicken restaurant in Canada, Mary Brown’s provides good opportunities for those who are looking for career in a nationwide chicken restaurant. Up to now, there are more than 90 locations where Mary Brown’s are located. If you are interested, there are many kinds of vacancies provided for you. You can fill part-time and full-time jobs in any location of Mary Brown’s.


There are several positions offered for those who are interested in part-time and full-time careers throughout restaurant locations. The first one is cook. Being cook in Mary Brown’s requires you to maintain the environment clean and organized. Cook should be able to marinate and bread chickens and put them to ovens and fryers. The average wage offered is about $13.00 per hour. Customer Service Associate is another prepared position to fill in. This job requires a kind of person who can communicate well with the customers including taking orders, cash registers, and other works done by team members. This position will often earn $12.00 per hour. The last type of position to fill in is management. Professionals are needed to fill this position as it needs to be professional in hiring and training new team members. The salary offered is between $40,000 and $50,000 per year.


There are many kinds of benefit can be gained by working at Mary Brown’s. A retirement plan is prepared for the workers at Mary Brown’s. Besides, there are also other kinds of benefits such as life insurance, financial benefits, and also annual bonuses. Earnest workers will be able to get employee referral rewards and also performance-based incentives. That is the reason why working at Mary Brown’s is much recommended. Friendly and fun working environment is another plus point from working in this restaurant. You can fill the online application to get into the world of Mary Brown’s.

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Mary Brown’s has already long history in chicken express restaurant. There are so many reasons why this restaurant becomes very popular. It is not the only the taste served to the customers but also the excellent service given by the employees. Besides, there are already many branches of Mary Brown’s which can be found across Canada. The chicken meals bought in Mary Brown’s cannot be compared to meals from other restaurant. That is the reason why Mary Brown’s should be your first place to go if you want to get professional working environment.

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