Material Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Cover letter can be said as your communication tool between you and recruiters because in your cover letter, you will explain what position that you apply, your educational background, your experience. Above all, you will try to convince the recruiters that you are perfect for the job. To make a good cover letter, you need to know the structure of the letter and what you do not need to mention in it.

Basically, all cover letter has the same structure. The things that make it different is the job that you apply. You will have to adjust your cover letter based on the job that you apply. If you apply to a company as a material specialist, you will have to mention your skills and experience that relates to a a job of Material Specialist. You have to be able to convince the recruiter that you are the perfect match for the job by mentioning your skills and experience. Here, we have an example of the cover letter for applying as a Material Specialist.

Belinda Alberta

4657 Wilmar Farm Road

Lanham, MD 76548

(222) 455 6587

Mr. George Austin

HR Manager

ABC Company

76 Delaware Road

Hatfield, CA 08065

Dear Mr. Austin,

I am applying for the Material Specialist position in ABC company and my qualifications match the requirements in your posting. I have experience with 123 product portfolio and very excited to have an opportunity to work and contribute my knowledge to your company.

I have a deep understanding and experience in working with the same product and also broad knowledge about management issues. Formerly, I was a junior material specialist in HJK company in which I gave an exceptional contribution to the success of the company and also increase 30% of revenue in my first year of service. I work for HJK company for four years during in which I was in charge of 250 employees and successfully reached a lot of profit objectives. In addition, I have a solid educational background and a passion for business administration.

I am confident that I am a great candidate for this position. You are able to contact me for an interview by calling (222) 455 6587. Thank you for your consideration and I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss this position in more detail.


Belinda Alberta

When you make a cover letter, you have to make sure that your cover letter is not long. The content of the cover letter is a summary of your resume, so do not write more than one page. If you apply for more than one companies, you have to use a different cover letter for each job that you apply for. Your cover letter has to exhibit that you know the job involves and what the employer is looking for. The last, you have to check your cover letter again after you finish writing it. It is done to make sure that you do not have typos, error grammar and error spelling.

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