Material Specialist Job Description

If you want to be a material specialist, you have to be ready to work in manufacturing and architectural companies. As a material specialist, you will have to ensure the best materials which are used to manufacture specific products. This position also will make you interact with materials such as plastics, ceramics, chemicals, minerals and polymers. If you want to be a material specialist, you have to have a degree in engineering and get a relevant incense or certification.

Before you decide to apply for a job as a material specialist, you need to know the job description of this job. So, you are able to imagine what you will do and you will also be able to write the right skills and experience on your resume.

In the list below, we mention the job that you have to do if you become a material specialist.

  • A material specialist needs to research new and existing materials and also asses their sustainability for use.
  • A material specialist has to discuss operational requirements.
  • A material specialist will run computer models.
  • A material specialist will have to develop products.
  • A material specialist has to analyze data to identify chances to improve.
  • A material specialist develops products.
  • A material specialist consult with regulatory officials.
  • A material specialist provides accurate cost figures.
  • A material specialist keep up to date with technological and legal developments.

Material specialist needs to have a problem solving skills since they are also often required to work with other industries such as technical sales and marketing, IT, and consultancy. So, if you want to apply a job as a material specialist, you need to have some key skills that can support you including analytical skills, good IT skills, communication skills, and knowledge of manufacturing processes.

Usually, employers will need a degree in an engineering subject such as chemical, mechanical, and biochemical engineering or a science subject such as chemistry, physics, biology, and biochemistry. Employers also will look on postgraduate qualifications particularly those which relate to their area of specialism, or areas that they want to move in to.

Now, you may be curious about the salary of this job. Material engineers usually earned a median salary of $93,310 per year in 2016. This information is based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the low end, materials engineers got a 25th percentile salary of $70,620 which means that 755 earned more than this amount. Then, the 75th percentile salary is about $121,120 which means that 25 percent earn more. There are 27,000 people were employed in the U.S. materials engineers in 2016.

Now, you have known about the job description, the requirements and also the salary of this job. If you are really interested in this job, you are able to find the job vacancy as a material specialist in the internet or in the newspaper. Make sure that you prepare the important documents for applying the job such as resume or CV, cover letter, certificate and other documents.

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