McDonald’s Printable Job Application Form

logo-mcDonaldsIf you live in cities, you must know McDonald’s. This fast food restaurant has been so popular and you can find their outlets almost everywhere in the globe. It is true. McDonald’s is known for the iconic Golden Arches that has proven the power to stay for over half a century. This company is recognizable around the world. It has popular menus such as Big Mac and Quarter Pounder hamburgers, French fries and thick milkshakes and breakfast foods like Egg McMuffin. The restaurants keep growing and offer richer menus like fresh salads, wrap sandwiches and low-calorie dining options. With the staying power McDonalds has, it is no wonder if they offer the job security, training and advancement opportunities, scheduling flexibility and chance to work nearly anywhere in the world. They have over 33,000 restaurants in 120 countries and serve 68 million people per day.

You can find McDonald’s printable job application form online to apply for any position anywhere in US. Select the state and narrow the searching by categories of Crew, Management or Support. Or you can just find the right position you want among all categories. Every listed job opening includes the information about benefits, pay, specific location and requirements. Here are some points to know about McDonald’s if you have decided to join the team:

Minimum age of employment

In some US locations, McDonald’s employs new workers as young as 14 years old. However, in some states, they may not hire employees under 16 because of the working hour’s restrictions for them. It will depend on the local labor law and individual restaurant policy. It is better to check the local location where you want to apply for the job.

Hours of operation

The operation hours of McDonald’s vary from one location to another, especially if the restaurants are located within a larger venue like shopping mall and airport. Generally, the restaurants will open from early morning (6am or earlier) until late night (midnight or after). They have flexible scheduling for the employees that allows them to work around their commitment, like going to school.

Entry level careers and income

The entry level careers in McDonald’s are designated for Crew Member. The working hours are divided into part time or full time. The responsibilities include preparing foods, serving customers and cleaning up the restaurant. The payment starts from minimum wage, determined by local state laws. There is cross-train shifting to all crew members, to give everyone chance to serve in a variety of capacity.

Careers in management

The positions in management level range from swing managers, who are paid at hourly rates but higher than the crew members, to assistant managers and store managers. The managers are expected to work at any shift with salaries generally range from $30,000 to $50,000 annually, depending on cost of living and experience.

So, are you interested in applying for a position at McDonald’s? Make sure you follow all the steps and instructions when applying online. If you want to apply for a managerial position, you may be asked to submit professional resume and other additional information about you. Visit McDonald’s official site now to learn more.

Print Out McDonald’s Job Application Form in PDF

Print Out McDonald's Job Application Form in PDF


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