Meat Cutter Job Description for Resume

People will find the comprehensive meat cutting job as meat cutters, the meat cutters have to spend their day for preparing the meat cuts. People think that cutting meat must be very simple thing to do but actually it needs proper knowledge. The meat cutters surely have to know the right way for cutting T bones and other cuts for different cooking need. Meat cutters are also known as butchers. They have the expertise in tools and equipment operation associated with meat cutting. With various tools as well as equipment used for meat cutting, of course the meat cutters must know the safe way for using as well as maintaining those tools. Working as meat cutters does not need special education background. Grocery store, supermarket, and meat shop will accept people with meat cutting skill and skills associated with meat cutting.

Meat cutters have some duties to do. They must be able to make anticipation and right order or meat amount needed every day. They also have to give instructions to the meat suppliers about the needed meat type, quantity, as well as quality. The delivery times and also the follow up should also be asked to the suppliers so the meat can be received on time every day. The meat delivered should be checked associated with order accuracy. The meat should also be ensured in fresh condition after opening the meat box or carton. The meat should be relocated to the storage area and storing it correctly according to the procedure needed by the company. The meat cuts should be chosen as preparation and they also need to make sure that the meat cuts are washed correctly. According to the instruction from the company or the customer’s order, the meat cutters must cut the meat.

The meats then should be prepared including washing, drying, and also packing in correct amounts. The weight standards should be ensured by weighing every pack of the meat. Each pack should be labeled with needed information about the meat. All the packs of meat should be displayed in the shelves and it should be ensured rotated on the frequent basis. Meat rotation should be overseen in the storage. The meat cutters also have to guide the personnel of the store about the right way for trashing the meat which is expired of spoilt. The meat cuts should be marinated according to customer’s order or supervisor instruction. Meat cutters also have to be able to give information about the meat to the customers.

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