Mechanical Technician Resume Sample

When you make a resume, you have to be able to show that you are serious about the job that you are applying. To prove to the hiring manager that you are serious, you need to put all your professional experience into one well-written document. So, how to make a resume well? In this article, we are going to explain about that so you have to continue reading it.

Before you create a resume, you have to know what you should include on your resume. You need to know the parts of resume. Before you make the real one, you are able to make the fake one first so that you can avoid any mistakes.

1. Heading. It is the first section of your resume. Include your name, home address and also your contact including phone number and also email address in this part. So, when the hiring manager is interested in you, they will contact you by seeing this details.

2. Professional Summary. In this section, include your strong skills briefly.

3. Core Qualifications. In the Core Qualifications section, include your skills. It is recommended for you to mention your skills in a list. Make sure that you include the skills that are needed as a Mechanical Technician. Here are some examples of core qualifications of a Mechanical Technician.

  • Exceptional mechanical experience in the pipeline industry.
  • Ability to interpret and understand blueprints.
  • Ability to operate power tools, forklift, wrenches, jacks and diagnostic equipment.
  • Deep working knowledge auxiliary equipment and mobile equipment.

4. Experience. In this section, include all of your work experience that are related to Mechanical Technician. Here is an example.

Mechanical Technician

New Energy Group, Hanover, MD

November 2008 to till date

  • Supervised documentation and execution of safety checks and routine assignments.
  • Evaluated and maintained inventory of equipment up to date.
  • Prepared documents on the maintenance and repairs of all equipments and system.

5. Education. In this section, include your background education. It should consist of your degree, university and year of graduation.

When you make a resume, make sure that you pay attention to some details. First, you do not have to put everything there. Think that your resume as your marketing document that is able to sell you as the right person for the job. Then, you need to highlight the accomplishments and skills that are relevant to the job. Second, you need to keep your resume chronological. You have to mention your most recent experience in the first list. Third, keep it to a page. Also, you need to make sure that your resume is concise and make it one page.

However, if you really have enough relevant and important experience, training and credentials to exhibit on more than one page of your resume, you can do that. Well, if you think that you have done written all things that are needed on your resume, you are able to proofread your resume to your friends or family to guarantee that you do not make any mistakes.

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