Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample

There are various types of job that you could choose in healthcare field. One of the most notable jobs in this field is medical assistant. If you want to apply for position as medical assistant, you need to send application letter. Just like other type of application letter, the application letter for medical assistant requires you to understand the responsibility of this position and show some hints about your qualification. In order to increase your chance to get this job, you need to know how to write a good cover letter for medical assistant position. You could use some samples that could be found easily on the internet these days as your guide in creating good cover letter for medical assistant. With well written cover letter, you might have bigger chance in getting this job.

A good cover letter should tell all your experiences in this field. Try to keep it simple but also effective at the same time. If you want to apply for medical assistant, you also need to know the description of this job as well. Basically, this job handles various tasks such as organizing patient appointments, taking patient’s vital signs, and recording patient’s history. Your cover letter should show your enthusiasm for this position and should be able to show how valuable you are for this position. Take a look at example below.

Jason Raymond
122 Highstreet Avenue
Newmark, AR 72222

September 4, 2014

Dr. James Barney
Senior Medical Administrator
Steward Medical Group
15 Berkshire Street
Newmark, AR 72222

Dear Dr. Barney:

The objective of this letter is to show my interest in being interviewing for the medical assistant job in Steward Medical Group of Newmark, AR. I am sure that I can contribute to the success of your facility with my hands-on experience and skill set in the areas of handling basic and administrative clinical tasks.

My background in medical assistant field includes the following experience:

–       Taking patient’s vital sign
–       Recording patient’s history
–       Helping physicians in performing examinations
–       Scheduling appointments
–       Preparing blood work
–       Injecting patient

Additionally, I have good experience in using HER software and MS Office. I also can record personal information of patients and keep it confidential based on the procedures that you have at your office.

Please review my resume for full scope of my skill set and experience. I’d like to have a meeting with you so that we can talk about my qualifications for the position. I will call you next week to make sure that you receive this application and set up a meeting if you are interested.

If you need anything else, please give me a call at 815-333-3333.

Thank you for your consideration.



Jason Raymond

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