Medical Front Office Assistant Resume Sample

One of the most important things when it comes to applying for a certain job is resume. A thing called resume is like the brief summary of yourself. Your fate will be determined by the resume. Unfortunately, writing a good resume is not easy. For those who are planning to apply for the medical front office assistant, here is the example of the resume.

The name of the company

The address, the phone number, and the email address of the company


Performance Summary

In this category, you can say that you are self-motivated and productive medical front office professional with certain years of experience in time sensitive, fast-paced healthcare environments. Furthermore, you can state that you are highly developed skills in patient registration and verification, accurately and efficiently scheduling appointments and accounts maintenance of the patient. in addition, you can add that you are sociable and resourceful individual who has exceptional organizational and communication skills. Mentioning that you are proficient in providing education to patients to help them understand their diseases and prescribed treatments also can be a good idea.

Professional Competencies

In this step, you have to mention the professional competencies that you have. Some of the professional competencies examples for the medical front office assistant are scheduling, examination room preparation, patient privacy management, patient education, copay calculations, appointments follow up, inventory handling, claims follow up, tests ordering, emergency response, record keeping, and many more.

Selected Achievements

This one is necessary. However, you have to know that not all of things that you have achieved can be included in this category. In this case, please include only the achievements related to the medical front office assistant. For your reference, some of the examples are replacing the old records management system with a new one, making the updating part 50% easier to manage; singlehandedly scheduling and following up on 125 patients within one work day, owing to an influenza breakout in the city; increasing the privacy of patients’ records by implementing a password coding system on all records and associated information; revamping medical supplies inventory, making the processes 75% more efficient than before; and many more.


In this stage, the first thing that you can do is to mention the name and the address of the office, along with the time you were working there. Another important thing is to explain your rule as the front office assistant. For your reference, some of the roles are scheduling appointments over the telephone and in person by effectively coordinating patient and doctor schedules; performing follow up duties to ensure that all appointments are filled and that any no show time slots are appropriately handled; preparing examination rooms by ensuring that they are properly cleaned and sanitized; and so on.


In this category, you can mention the school you were graduating from, the year you were graduating, and the subject you took. Just like the experience, you can add more than one education. If you have attended the certain training, you can also include it here.

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