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logo-meijerThe grocery store chain with over 200 outlets especially in Midwest areas is regarded as one of the pioneer in hypermarket concepts that bring unique shopping enjoyment. The expansion of success keeps the human resources personnel hiring new workers.

On the Job at Meijer

Minimum employed age: 16 years of age

Business Hours: open daily 24/7

Applicable positions: POS associates, clerical positions, team crews, analyst, leader, and manager

Job Opening

Casual job offering requires candidates with minimum hiring age of 16 years old and willingness to work and communicate in public in constant basis beside respond to instruction well.

Managerial positions requires experience and background in retail industry and supervisory. Time management and efficient working management are valuable.

Positions and Pay Scale Info

Cash attendant handles purchase and payment of any transaction done by customers. Employing cash registers and processing payment must own positive demeanor, interactive, friendly and multitasking skill. Hourly wage is about $8.00.

Salesperson fills many roles in grocery store chain. Various department has own product to handle must be supported by product knowledge, maintain clean environment and sanitation. The position can make hourly wage about $9-$10.

Managerial vacancies fall into some job titles. Team supervisor performs task in directing, subordinating, and planning the duties of each division. Associate manager replace absent manager and help in administrative duties. Annual salary is paid for $35,000 to $45,000 for those positions. Manager handles all store operation in comprehensive matters. It makes $80,000 a year based on work length, tenure, and working performance.

Tips and Status of Application

Candidates are enabled to apply online by accessing career menu in company web page. For paper application, direct visit must be done to submit the application and increase the chance to speak to the hiring personnel. Follow up can be done to show enthusiasm in proper manner without push the burden toward the recruiter.

Job Benefits

Employed the staffs that orients to excellent customer satisfaction, the company reward the staffs with generous working benefits such as staff discount, waged training and uniform complimentary. Benefits in packages involve coverage to medical and healthcare. Paid holiday and off duty for full time workers depend on experience and the qualified workers gain access to sign off plan.

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New innovation is presented by dual function store by creating fresh system of checkout to provide quicker method of shopping by employing conveyor belt to put the items to scan before being paid.

Printable Application: Visit official site.

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