Middle School Social Studies Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Creating a cover letter seems easy. In a fact, when we have prepared a paper and pen or we have set a Microsoft Word in front of us, we cannot write or type anything. We usually do not know how to arrange the proper word for our cover letter. What position do you want to apply? If you want to apply as a Middle School Social Studies Teacher, then we have an example of the cover letter. You are able to use this as your guide.

Mia Anderson

3452 Sherwood Circle

Lafayette, LA 76543

(675) 876 8765



February 4, 2017

John Toyye

Fortessi High School

7654 Perine Street

Alexandria, VA 87634

Dear Mr. Toyye,

With a lot of interest, I am writing this cover letter for the position of a social studies teacher and attaching my resume for the similar with Fortessi High School. My effective leadership and ability to connect with students make me the suitable candidate for the Social Studies Teacher position at Fortessi High School.

For 5 years, I taught ninth and eleventh grade at Western High School in Philadelphia. Through my experience, I have developed my communication and creativity skills to help engage and motivate students in grades 10 – 11 in the subject of history. Furthermore, I have earned a reputation in my previous position as an engaged and also committed contributor to the overall school community, chaperoning special events, leading field trip, and coordinating all-school programs and initiatives to foster a cohesive and enthusiastic study body.

Highlight of my core qualifications include:

  • Holding a Bachelor of Art in Education from BCD State College and attaining Single Subject certification.
  •  Making customized plans and programs to facilitate a targeted, personalized approach to education while stimulating enjoyment and appreciation of students for learning.
  •  My enthusiasm for fostering collaborative and exciting educational environments has successfully encouraged and developed thoughtful, productive, and accomplished your students.
  • Effectively communicating with students, peers, and parents and achieving standing as a disciplined and insightful educator who cultivates connections which is meaningful with learners and their families.

I am ready to dedicate myself at your school. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to set up a time to discuss about how I am able to benefit your organization.

Thank you for your time to review this letter and the attached material.


Mia Anderson

When you create a cover letter, you are able to make a list of points that you will add in your cover letter. It is done to make sure that your cover letter is no more than a page. After you are done, you are able to begin typing your cover letter. You also have to begin your cover letter with a formal situation which is directly addresses the recipient and mention why you are applying for the social studies teacher position. Finally, make sure that you thank the employer in the end of your cover letter.

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