Middle School Social Studies Teacher Interview Questions

When you apply for a job, you will be worried about the documents that you have to include, how to arrange words on your cover letter, how to convince the recruiter in the cover letter, and how to get the attention of the recruiter through your resume. Then, after you get a call from a job that you applied, there will be another worry: you do not know the questions that recruiter will ask to you in the interview and how to answer them.

So, in this article, we have prepared some examples of questions and answers of Middle School Social Studies Teacher interview.

Q: What skills should someone need to work as a middle school social studies teacher?

A: In my opinion, it is better if a middle school social studies teacher has the subject knowledge to a vast degree. In addition, they also need to have well-versed in creating and implementing lesson plans according to the strengths and limitations of individual students, and can assess and evaluate students.

Q: What most challenging thing do you find about the work as a teacher?

A: Teaching is a challenging job because we are not only providing students with subject knowledge but also helping them become contributing citizens.

Q: How do you handle this challenge?

A: When working as a teacher, we need to be exceptionally hands-on with all its aspects. If you are, then you do not have to worry about the challenges because you are able to navigate them smoothly.

Q: What is the thing that you did which make you exceptionally proud of?

A: Several months ago, I led a project-based learning event which led to increased student interest in learning concepts such as the water cycle, living things, and citizenship and those were able to improve their grades as well. I am very proud of the fact that I thought of teaching them in a novel manner.

Q: What techniques do you use to teach besides direct instructions?

A: I use text books, computerized instructions, displays, ICT resources, animated discussions, and open discussion. Trying and figuring out solutions to problems on their own while working in group is important.

Q: What is your effort to make learning fun?

A: Take a lesson and then relate it to real life situations and playing games. We can also try to make every lesson different. Make the kids do not realize that they are learning. We can set an appropriate challenge and use a mixture of learning styles and use outside area.

Those are some questions which are usually asked by the recruiter when you do an interview for a job as a Middle School Social Studies Teacher. Basically, they will ask about your educational background, teaching styles, and knowledge of the material that you will be presenting. Same as any other teaching position, schools will look for a teacher who has passion for passing on knowledge in an effective way. So, you need to be prepare before the interview.

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